Our Advantage

Our Advantage

bullet  Flexibility - We grow as you grow
Let's say you own a 30-person company and you have one full-time IT person. What happens if you add 10 employees and a new branch office? Will your IT person be able to handle the extra work? If not, does it really make sense to hire another IT person, effectively doubling your IT costs? With an outsourced IT solution from Mentor Technologies, we increase our support incrementally as you grow or scale back if you are downsizing. No hiring/firing, no unemployment forms, no hassle.

bullet  Coverage - 24x7x365 Support
What happens when your 1-person IT department goes on vacation or calls in sick? Or worse, what happens when your 1-person IT department quits or gets fired? You have to scramble to fill the position and get the new person up to speed. We provide coverage 365 days a year and we make sure we have multiple consultants who are familiar with your network so you will always have the support you need.

bullet  Experience - Leave it to the professionals
We have inherited enough poorly managed networks to understand that the typical internal IT person rarely has the experience to apply "best practices" for IT management. We have experience with over 200 companies in Tulsa as well as professional experience in enterprise IT departments. We have established procedures for virtually every aspect of IT management and we have the experience to make IT a competitive advantage for your business. Furthermore, we only hire consultants with a minimum of five years of experience.

bullet  Tools - Powerful software on our dime
We have invested heavily in cutting-edge software tools for managing the networks we support. These tools allow us to manage every aspect of our clients' desktops and servers remotely. With these tools we can proactively prevent problems to improve uptime and reliability. Our software also gives us the ability to connect to your computer within seconds of getting a support call.

bullet  Service - A true partnership
We have organized our consulting practice around the idea that long-term relationships yield the best results for us and our clients. We routinely turn down work from companies that are just looking for a quick technology fix. A cornerstone of our approach is that we assign a primary consultant to your account who, over time, develops the in-depth knowledge of your business required to make long-term, strategic recommendations. Larger consulting firms and "nerd patrols" can't compare to the level of service that we offer. End result, you grow, we grow. Win, Win!

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