Common Myths

Common Myths

bullet  "Outsourcing is expensive"
In most cases when we take over for an internal IT department we immediately save our clients money. It becomes an easy decision when you factor in the hidden costs of keeping an employee (benefits, HR expenses, etc.) and the productivity gains from a reliable, professionalized IT infrastructure.

bullet  "We will be at the mercy of Mentor Technologies"
Actually, more often, we see companies at the mercy of their internal IT staff rather than external vendors. IT staffers like to hoard knowledge and keep their jobs mysterious so it is difficult to fire them. We prefer transparency. We document everything about your network and give you unfettered access so you are always in complete control. We're looking for long-term relationships built on openness and trust.

bullet  "We need someone on-site all of the time"
What you really need is a quick response to your problems. 95% of all IT problems can be fixed remotely and our software tools allow us to connect to client computers within 60 seconds of receiving a service call--less time than it takes for your IT guy to shuffle to your desk. We agree it is important to have someone on-site regularly to check in with users and make sure things are running smoothly, that's why we schedule regular on-site visits. But if your network is set up correctly it shouldn't require constant care and feeding!

bullet  "Only an employee can understand our business"
We realize how important it is to have an IT department that knows the specifics of your business. Anyone who has ever called tech support for a large company knows how frustrating it can be to talk to some anonymous technician at a large call center. That's why we assign a primary account manager to your account who learns every aspect of your business, gets to know your employees by their first names, and develops the in-depth knowledge required to make long-term, strategic IT recommendations.

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