Remote Help Desk

Remote Help Desk

Mentor Technologies provides multiple ways for you to get your issues resolved. Below are the options to reach us for remote IT support. Option 1 installs the software on your computer; option 2 is for temporary use or Mac systems. Mentor Remote Help Desk By downloading and installing our remote support software, Mentor Support, you will be just a click away from a technician at all times. This remote IT support software will put an icon on your desktop and under your start menu allowing you to remotely chat with the technicians in our local help desk center any time you need. This software is also secure, it only allows access on a per incident basis, it asks every time to allow our access into your system to view files or fix issues. The top field is for YOUR name, the second field is for your company name, and the last field is for our outsourced IT clients that have tag numbers on their systems that we have issued to maintain and track systems.


Real-Time Remote Help Desk & IT Support This option takes you to a webpage that will ask for a 6-digit PIN code. You must call into our remote help desk center to acquire this. This will allow us remote access to your computer and chat very similar to the Mentor Support application, buy only installing a small browser plug-in that is less intrusive on your system if you are not a long term customer; or if your system is not PC based, this works on Mac systems.


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